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The Gloobaloo Story

In 2012, Gloobaloo & Friends took up the challenge of being a positive change in our world. Our core message to everyone was simple.

We need to CARE! What exactly do we need to care about? Everything!

From taking care of ourselves, the people around us, and especially our Earth. Gloobaloo & friends aim to bring poignant messages through songs, dance, and storytelling with a heart.


Creating a multi-racial cast with an endearing mascot, we worked with our network of Early Childhood Education experts and professionals to build an edutainment brand that would resonate with our young audience.


The team has been on a journey to create meaningful and holistic programmes for as well as producing captivating musicals for them with the signature CARE message from Gloobaloo & Friends.

Meet Gloobaloo & Friends!



A wonderful alien from planet C4R3, Gloobaloo teaches Tim, Leila, Haiqal, and Ashwary the importance of being a good person and brings them around the "IMAGINIVERSE!".


A kind ,honest and modest girl. She is also well-loved for her kindness and generosity.


Ashwary shares with the group that "being kind and awesome starts with YOU!"


A brave and super enthusiastic boy who loves listening, reading and finding out new things every day.


Being a very smart boy, Tim always reminds the group that they need to pay attention to the little things in life and always "THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK!"


A quirky and amazingly funny girl who always puts a smile on a person’s face every day.


Every day is fun, whacky, and different with Leila but she also brings to the group the importance of "Teamwork, Patience and FUN!"


A curious and hardworking boy who continues to "Create, Imagine, Innovate and REPEAT!"

Always on the ball and ready to ask questions when in doubt, Haiqal never fails to motivate the group to continue to "Never give up on our DREAMS!"

Show Stage Productions!

  Step into Gloobaloo & Friends world as they take you on GLOOBATASTIC adventures through the IMAGINIVERSE!
Our interactive musicals aim to expand our children's imagination while instilling
Courage, AppreciationRespect, and Empathy!  
Here are the elements that make a #gloobatastic show!   

Educating children with engaging storytelling content with our diverse shows!

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Our Live Stage! friends get an opportunity to perform on the big stage with Gloobaloo & Friends!

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Show Stage Testimonials!

Meet & greet


Learning Vision

Thank you for the great show! The children enjoyed the show and they were able to identify the characteristics of kindness portrayed by the characters! =)


Little Greenhouse

High energy, fun, educational, and packed with interactive songs & dance. Children were dancing and grooving along with the catchy tunes and music throughout the show


Mulberry Learning 

“It was exciting! Engaging and incredibly energetic! I highly recommend this show as it stimulates children’s learning interest, inculcates positive values, and develops a musical appreciation.


Show Stage Time


Here's a look at our showreels on and off stage!

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