Gloobaloo Story!

Gloobaloo & Friends is an edutainment brand that has been educating children through our musicals & programmes since 2009 with our C4R3 talents! 


We have reached and trained over 64,000 children since then! The franchise has also expanded it's Showstage Musical & Livestage! Theatre programmes overseas in countries such as China & Australia!


Our C4R3 team prides itself in their dedication in sparking curiosity in a child's mind and developing the love of learning for anything & everything! 


Gloobaloo & Friends aims to be the catalyst that allows children to discover and cultivate their talents on a creative platform!


WE believe in allowing EVERY child to G.R.O.W! 


Gloobaloo teaches Tim, Leila, Haiqal and Ashwary the importance of being a good person and brings them around the "IMAGINIVERSE".

A wonderful alien from planet C4R3, Gloobaloo is a leader on his Planet and when the 4 friends call his name, Gloobaloo appears and brings them on EPIC ADVENTURES!


A brave and super enthusiastic boy who loves listening, reading and finding out new things every day. Being a very smart boy, Tim always reminds the group that they need to pay attention to the little things in life and always "THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK!"


An honest, modest and kind girl. She is also well-loved for her kindness and generosity. Ashwary shares with the group that "being kind and awesome starts with YOU!"


A curious and hardworking boy who continues to "Create, Imagine, Innovate and REPEAT!" Always on the ball and ready to ask questions when in doubt, Haiqal never fails to motivate the group to continue to "Never give up on our DREAMS!"


A quirky and amazingly funny girl who always puts a smile on a person’s face every day. Every day is fun, whacky and different with Leila but she also brings to the group the importance of "Teamwork, Patience and FUN!"

Gloobaloo & Friends would like to know you better!

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